Membership in the Association is $10 for E-1 through E-4, $15 for E-5 through E-6, $20 for E-7 & above and alumni. Yearly membership renewals are $10, regardless of rank held. Please either fill out the membership application below or click on the link to print a copy of the application. Mail your Application/Membership fee to:

Anthony Mozeleski
64 42nd Street
Carbondale, PA 18407

Printable Application


Membership Application

Membership Application

I wish to join the 109th Infantry Regiment Association. My past or current duties affiliate me with the 109th Infantry Regiment, or I support it, and I wish to further the aims and purposes of the Association.

Membership Fee *

*** Note: Make all checks payable to "The 109th Infantry Regiment Association". Mail Check to:
Anthony Mozeleski, 64 42nd Street, Carbondale, PA 18407 ***

Dues are payable with Membership Application. Annual dues are payable by 30 January each year.
Dues not received by 1 April may result in the member being dropped from the rolls.

Our Scholarship Application is available on our website: under the documents tabs.
See the eligibility details on the application.